Posted By: pcfan kx-t61610b programming problem (hardware) - 08/14/01 05:44 AM
Got an Switching System Panasonic KX-T61610B. A few months ago, on line 11 I was able just to program, not to speak (no dial tone). Since this Monday, on that lousy line 11 I can only speak, but I can't program anything (no data link). I checked the wiring and it's OK, and between the L and H wires I have around 14 V, same as line 12.
Can anybody help?
I think on the panasonic 616 you have to put the system in programming with a switch on the ksu and program from the first extension. there is also station level programming using some switches on the back of the phone. hope this helps.
Posted By: pcfan Re: kx-t61610b programming problem (hardware) - 08/20/01 02:32 AM
Thanks for your quick answer, but I'm afraid that didn't help...
I know about that switch on ksu, and also about the programming switch on the proprietary phone... The problem is that on line 11 i have just dial tone, but no digital info (e.g. time/date displayed), nor programming info.
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