Posted By: KenW 7.1 caller id with asm - 12/03/08 05:02 PM
Anyone know if caller id is available on 7.1 with asm now ? Haven't gotten back to one customer with 7.1 asm.

Posted By: rich30529 Re: 7.1 caller id with asm - 12/03/08 05:57 PM
No. That is an issue that I would like to see Nortel address in future SW releases.
Posted By: KenW Re: 7.1 caller id with asm - 12/04/08 02:07 PM
I was able to get to a customer that has 7.1 and a asm. There is no CI for the asm. I did notice something between the 7,1 programming an the "book".
There is no "CLID set" option. Only a "called id" option. I guess the clid set is defaulted ON.
I think that since the caller id info from telco is sent as frequency shift tones, they can convert that to digital for the sets. But cannot get the tones back to send to the analog sets.
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