Posted By: demogorgon15 OTM Authorization code management - 11/21/08 12:06 PM

I was just wondering if it was possible to manage auth codes via otm. We did the sync between otm and our pbx but in the cpnd data the auth code field is blank are we expected to manually insert the users auth codes? or is there a way for otm to pull this from the pbx?
Posted By: CSS_ETS05 Re: OTM Authorization code management - 11/23/09 10:42 PM
Yes, we can get the info about auth codes when you generate TBS reports.
Under cost analysis reports you should be able to see the authorization code detail report.

Have you generate TBS report? If not please perform it and let me know. waiting for your response.

Posted By: CSS_ETS03 Re: OTM Authorization code management - 11/29/09 11:38 PM
Yes, you can get auth code details when you generate TBS reports. You dont have to enter them manually.More over if you have had scheduled for sycn between PBX and OTM server, You can also have schedule for TBS,CND,CPND and other reports.Make sure all the report generation schedule's are not getting clash with each other.

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