Posted By: Chris Hunger 0x32 - 11/03/08 07:16 AM
1) When you upgrade the phones to 7.1 s/w do you lose all the prg in the system from the old s/w on a 0X32?

2) Using a flash vmail do you lose all the prg when upgrading to a 2/1 s/w?

Any help would be appreciated.


Posted By: telemarv Re: 0x32 - 11/03/08 10:33 AM
1 - To retain programming you can only upgrade from 6.1.

2 - Yes
Posted By: Old blond hippity hopping Bunnie Re: 0x32 - 11/03/08 11:23 PM
Very often when someone sells you 7.1, they will loan you a 6.1 card.

You upgrade from something lower to 6.1 then to 7.1. You just return the 6.1 after you use it to upgrade.

I don't remember losing programming upgrading from 1.7 to 2.0.1 on a flash, is my memory way wrong?
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