Posted By: Deltron Initial impressions. - 11/24/08 08:07 PM
Installed a small unit in the office. Common control equipment build looks outstanding. Station set build quality looks good. I don't care for shiny keys but they don't show wear like satin keys. Speakerphone operation is above average in my opinion.

The system has few default values stored for both the system and phone layout. It isn't a plug it in and the customer immediately has default lines, ringing and DSS stations. You must program all of it. This is of no concern in my mind.

The basic voice mail is surprisingly good for the cost. No dial by name option nor can you transfer a message to another mailbox, but at the price point this is of no concern. Audio quality is quite good and it may well be the fastest voice mail I've ever seen. Remote recording of the main greetings are available as is remote day/night service switching. I was pleasantly surprised the unit supports lunchtime greeting.

I barely touched all the system options but a crafty installer should be able to provide programming for the vast majority of installations.

Station speed dial is pretty neat in that the DSS keys are dual function. To speed dial you just depress the Speed key and the associated DSS key to dial. You can have up to 20 buttons set as dual use. Smart thinking on somebody's part.

We've come across some minor quirks but nothing really any different than all systems have. The large station user guide could use a rewrite but the small shortcut guide provided with the phones is well written and all many customers will need.

I believe this system will be a welcome addition to our product line (that is, if we are ever able to sell a system again :bang: )

I'll post a more in depth review as we explore the various options and get a few units in the field.

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