Posted By: hbiss Insurance and liability question. - 11/20/08 07:50 PM
Probably something I should ask my insurance agent but some of you guys do security and might know.

I suggested an IP camera to a customer (a womens shelter office) together with a doorphone and electric strike. They want to monitor who is outside a street level door which they cannot see from their office positions before letting them enter.

At their suggestion this may grow to more than one camera in order to let them see if there is anybody lurking outside on either side of the door who may sneak in behind the person granted access.

So now I'm wondering if I would need additional insurance and would be considered a security installation company because I install CCTV.

Posted By: KLD Re: Insurance and liability question. - 11/20/08 09:02 PM

Similar situation here but no camera....just door access boxes and latch releases....checked with my insurer...mine had a all-inclusive for "electronics" as long as I was not the reported-to center that would notify responders.

But your policy may be different due to local laws.

Good Luck.
Yep, it depends on the laws in your State.

In Texas you don't need to be a licensed security installation company to install cameras in some situations but you do in other situations.
It all depends upon the purpose of the camera. And it's somewhat of a gray area at best, depending on who's interpreting the law.

If the camera is at a door, as in your situation, you don't need a security license. Although an argument could be made that it is for security purposes.

But if the camera is to prevent theft, such as a camera above the cash register in a convenience store, you must be a licensed installer.

One factor to consider is whether or not a recorder is going to be used. If there is a recorder then it leans toward being a security camera. No recorder leans toward a non-security camera.

There now, it's as clear as mud isn't it? laugh
Posted By: vad60 Re: Insurance and liability question. - 11/21/08 05:54 AM
I've done lots of NJ installation for Surveillance. Nobody ever asked for License unless it's tied up to security system and put on Monitoring with Police. So, you can go ahead and Install it and do recording on HDD.
Posted By: JWRacedog Re: Insurance and liability question. - 11/21/08 06:06 AM
We operate like vad60 here in Illinois. As long as there is no monitoring with a company or police---we can install. If there are alarms or monitoring involved---then we would have to have a license.
Posted By: hbiss Re: Insurance and liability question. - 11/21/08 07:21 AM
Thanks guys. I do know that in at least NY the sparkies were assessed more money a few years ago for their insurance because the insurance weasels figured out that they install smoke detectors. These are just plain old smokes in houses that are not connected to anything but each other. So that's what got me wondering, especially since the expanded system could result in somebody getting hurt if it fails to show everything.

Posted By: scot43 Re: Insurance and liability question. - 11/25/08 03:54 PM

My concern would be the same as yours, the failure of the camera to display everything (frozen picture) and someone getting hurt. Do they plan on recording the data also because then it gets even stickier with discovery issues if there is an incident.

PS, i am on the other side of town from you.
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