It's been a day of fighting with the infamous UCM due to a "by the book" upgrade from 10.0 to

First issue was that it wouldn't boot after making it to the 90% point of an upgrade via ISO on port 7070. Plugged in a monitor and saw something to the effect of "cannot find initial fs". I was able to pick the last OS in the Grub boot menu then run this command to get the initramfs file built:
dracut -f /boot/initramfs-3.16.53-2.appscard.el6.i686.img  3.16.53-2.appscard.el6.i686

Second issue was that many of the 10.0 rpm packages still existing and although System Status showed that Vmpro was at, that was not the case. Things seemed to be running, but there were no voicemail prompts. I had to uninstall the 10.0 version of each package then force reinstall the 11.0 version:
rpm -e AvayaSystemConfig-10.0.400-5.el6.noarch
rpm -iv --replacepkgs  /var/cache/avaya/apps/AvayaSystemConfig-11.0.4700-6.el6.noarch.rpm

It was helpful to list which 10.0 packages were still installed:
rpm -qa | grep 10.0

You would think the Updates tab in 7071 would let you do this stuff but that was not the case. It kept saying "package xyz already installed".

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