Hello. I hope everyone is well smile

I a few questions:

I have TVA50 with ta824

1 When I need to transfer to VM (pressing VM tfer button) and the mailbox above 199, it does not work. I am sure it has to do with ta824 as when I do it as a caller from outside, #6 and I can dial any number. Is there a way to fix that or it is how ta824 designed?

2 tva50 allows you now (v.3.15) to choose mailboxes that start with 0 ex. 011, 005 etc. Again, can't tfer to those ... as soon as I press 0, busy signal. Then, I do not get the use of that feature.

3 I have an APT integration between these, and I would like to understand: are the time settings (eve, morning, day, lunch etc) on ta824 supposed to somehow affect tva50 settings? In the manual it says it does, but in the reality, it has no affect whatsoever. Maybe I I a m missing something?

Seems tva gets new features about which ta 824 never heard both have latest firmware, I think.

And last question the answer to which I always wanted to find, but could not:

ALL CALLS TFER TO MAILBOX vs. CALL TFER STATUS (Transfer to mailbox) How do I know when to use which?

I will be very grateful if you help me with these.


TVA-50, TA-824 with 16 ext, 6 lines and a LAN card