Good Day

Working with a Summit 100 4 CO lines, 16 digital stations.

I posted in the Request a Telco installer forum but wanted to mention it here.

I have a few questions and really appreciate the support here on the forum but I am not against paying for help too.

I have about 10 questions to modify my install to either complete or improve my programming

For the most part I was able to read and figure out most of what I working on, except a couple of things where I didn't know what the program or feature was called.
I referenced the SBX systems for most of it and then tried to look up the equivalent .

So if you have time, I posted for paid help in the other forum.

I will post a few questions here just because I am looking for help and want to wrap up as soon as I can.

BTW - I found one NEC tech through Sundance and we have worked together from time to time - I think we both benefitted - he earned $ and I learned a few things.

Thanks in advance