Dear All,

I need to implement Hot Desk phone for temporary staff at my company.
i have already changed the COS for getting the rights and programed a user as Hot Desk user and given him also the same COS.
After pressing the hot desk button it is asking for " Login - enter your Extension - ok - enter your pin - ok '
after the successful entering of all the procedure in the display shows " application loading" but it is not changing the extension number, COR , COS ,name and softkey program.
it shows the previous extension number and name only. how can i rectify this program error ? what could be reason that it is not changing to Hot desk user .

Example :--
I have given the Hot desk login right to extension 200 5320e. ( COS activated)
i have created a Hot desk user extension 400 and pin also configured. (Same COS )
In extension 200 Hot desk Key is activated.

thanks in advance.