I had a new system admin at a customer site who managed to try and apply an update to their UM8000 while putting the system in Holiday Mode. (Don't ask my how that happened) Never the less, the voicemail is up and running but when you try to connect to the web GUI it tells me that "The voicemail server is currently being updated". I let is sit there for a couple hours and it still says it. I have stopped, restarted, and started the VM thru Putty/SSH and it still comes back up with that message. I have no idea what update they attempted to install and I don't know what version they are running.

Does anyone know what command I can run from the command line that will show me the version of the software that is running? If I type VER it will tell me all about the version of Linux but not the UM8000 software.
Does anyone have any tricks for getting the system out of the update mode that it is in?

If I could figure out what software version the system is running then I would attempt a command line install of the latest version but as of right now I am out of luck. Any assistance would be great.