Hi all. We have an Intertel Axxess running v.9 software. The past couple of days our phones have gone deaf. The LED's show a normal state but nobody's on the line, no dial tone. The reception/admin phone continues working and can accept calls. I saw this occur this morning but wasn't able to glimpse the admin phone for errors or other messages.

I think we may have resolved similar problems in the past by clearing out the error log via the admin function on the receptionist phone. My recall is that an overflow of error messages filled the buffer and caused the phone system to go awry until the log was cleared. Just a theory, though, I wasn't directly involved in fixing the problem. We are a manufacturing company with a lot of welding going on. We think certain welding processes are causing error conditions in the phone circuits.

We've been resetting the Axxess by switching it off, which isn't the most graceful way to do this. What could I do to fix this next time it occurs. Thanks for any tips.