Still plugging away through the 9100 setup for a small motel. Learning as I go, like always!

Wondering what is the right way to do the guest room voicemail/InMail? I know everyone has a cell phone, so they will likely make much of this a moot point, but I have to configure the switch properly anyway.

Scenario 1: The front desk sends a message, lighting the MWL on the room phone. Guest returns and presses one of the four memory dial buttons on the analog phone programmed to dial the MWL return code, which calls the front desk. The lamp goes out, desk clerk tells the guest what their message is. At check-out time, the clerk can clear any remaining MWL for that extenstion. No mailboxes needed for this.

Scenario 2: The front desk transfers a caller to a room phone. No answer and the room's voice mailbox says it's greeting, caller leaves message, etc.. This requires a mailbox for each room. But more programming involved. How do you get the mailbox number to be the same as the room number? Can management create a greeting for each room's mailbox so the guest doesn't have to? And lock it down? Or just forget about it and let them use cell phones?