I have a system where each trunk is in an individual trunk group.
Each trunk is also a Centrex line, for no reason at this point.
Every phone has each individual trunk as a key.
They have a Polycom single line extension.
I can't figure out how to make the Polycom dial through ARS correctly.
8, 9, "123-4567" shows in SMDR as 912-3456 and fails.
Route Group
Local - P1000 has a Dial Pattern of N+
Toll Local - P1003, Dial Pattern TN11 and TNXXXXXX
Facility Group
Local - P1500
2 ECHO Toll Field
3 ECHO 3 Digits After Toll Field
4 Echo Local Address
Toll - Local
2 ECHO Toll Field
4 ECHO Local Address
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I tried making all X's and that kind of thing for an hour and I don't understand how to get rid of the 9 they dial, for the Polycom.
They normally, at their phones, hit the line key, press 9 and dial their number.
The Polycom, with ARS, doesn't work.

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