My name is Ralph S. Giglio aka Papap to my two grandchildren. smile Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. After college and the Navy, I started work at Bell Telephone, first as a special circuits design engineer when Bell Telephone actually had an engineering department in Pittsburgh. I asked to be transferred to OSP and spent two years working with some of the finest craftspersons I have ever met. When the break-up occurred, I went to work for RCA and installed over 165 Crossbar PBX in the area. After RCA I started Americom, Inc. and am still working as the staff electrical engineer.

I have been married to the same woman for 46 years and she and I are both principles in the corporation. Our shop was a Mitel shop for many years. We were also deeply into Comdial, Vodavi, Samsung and Nortel. We took on the ESI line several years ago and that is our main product offering for new systems today. I attend all the ESI training schools and stay current on all the certifications.


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