I have a customer who has a call forward no answer on her extension to her mobile phone. when a DID call comes in and goes unanswered it forwards as required. When an extension rings her it forwards as required. However when an extension transfers a call to her extension it just rings until it times out and goes back to the transferring extension. She claims (and I have no reason to doubt as she manages all telephone faults for the company) that it has worked in the past. I have checked all that I can think of (restrictions, timers, tandem connectivity and system settings) but I have drawn a blank. I even tried redirecting the forwards to PSTN in case the ISDN was a problem but to no avail.

I should add that if I stay with the transfer till the mobile starts ringing then hang up, the call works. So I am pretty sure it is a problem with blind transfer (I also tried a call forward all and if I hang up too early the call immediately recalls). If it was an IVS2 or later I could go directly to an 08 command that causes this problem but that command doesn't seem to exist in the IVS. I am not sure though that it is a programming issue, I am wondering if some feature has been set that is preventing the transferred call forwarding.

Any suggestions gratefully received.