I've been tasked with managing an IPO 500 system and looking into the wireless possibilities of the system. I've reading through many posts on the issue, as well as, researched what my options are with respect to the system that the company is using.

Anyway, from my research, it seems that we can use:

Avaya 3545 Wireless IP Phone (Need a AVPP Unit installed on network)
Avaya D100 SIP Wireless Phone

We are in a big building (warehouse) and we currently employ Engenius Durafon for some of our plant managers. It works great, but we need the additional units to have the same functionality as the non-wireless phones. Cost also factors into the equation, but quality of hardware and service will carry more weight in this instance.

So may questions are short. In my research, I keep hearing about these VCM units, and that they are necessary for boot wireless options I've listed above. I don't believe we have these units/modules installed, but when looking at the licensing information for the system, we have 10 Avaya IP Endpoint licenses. We currently have 5 employees who have IP phones at there home/remote offices that VPN into our system for phone service. Being that we have these licenses, is there still a need for the VCM module, or do we already have it installed and these are what the licenses represent?

The other questions is for the Avaya 3545 Wireless IP Phone. The DECT phone need repeaters to expand the base station coverage, but I don't see that requirement for the 3545. So, I assume that it would use the existing Wireless infrastructure of the building, with the AVPP providing QoS for all calls as these phone look for that device when starting. Would my assumption be correct?

Thanks in advance for any and all answers and/or arrows with which to pursue these answers.