I'm wondering if anyone has seen an issue with the IP 5550 Console losing audio on intermittent calls? For example it will be working fine in the morning and then on any given call the call will connect, but have no audio either way. If you transfer the call to another extension it works fine. This is a new install and has been ongoing since the beginning. We've replaced the unit itself w/ 2 others, each of which had the issue as well. We've also ruled out the associated pc by replacing that as well. This is currently connected to a cisco SG500 switch (we've tried different ports w/ the same results). I'm on the networking side and trying to provide support for our Mitel engineer. Is there a way I can do a diagnostic from a phone onsite to make sure it can ping the ip of the console while there is no audio?

Just a little background, this is a Mitel 5000 w/ a VM as the initial server the phones connect to if i understand correctly. The VM is running on VMWare ESX.

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