The non-profit opera company that I work with has a Norstar 824 DR5 with Startalk-C that was donated a few years back.

The disk in the Startalk-C has just died, and I understand that it's probably not worth the effort to repair it. We are limping along with an ATA and an old answering machine for the moment, but I would like to get the AA and VM back. The Startalk-C was serious overkill for our use, and it looks like a Flash-4 would be about right.

Checking the compatibility chart, it looks like in addition to the Flash-4, we would need to upgrade the ROM on the 824 to at least 11.07 (the current version is 9.20). The system is currently English/Spanish, but we don't use the alternate language.

I am looking for quotes for both a Flash-4 and a ROM upgrade for a 824 DR5 to support it. Used is fine.

As a non-profit arts organization, budgets are very tight, so any donations are appreciated. We are a 501(c)(3), and can provide appropriate donation receipts.