Hi all,

I have started to finally make some progress on my 555 cordboard project after a two month lul. I have mounted four cord circuits on the frame, acquired a work desk and the front bezel for the lamp strips and jack feilds, I have the buzzer control and bat/buzzer power panels installed and I have installed the first of six designation strip/jack field/lamp strips on the unit.

One can actually tell now that the thing is a switchboard! My 'phone cat' has been 'helping' every step of the way, and she has become the expert in testing the flexibility of the patch cords. No matter what I am doing, if I am at home, she is at my side.

For the 555 itself, I am still snooping around for a telephone circuit, several trunks and a conference circuit (though those are quite hard to come across).

I will have pictures as soon as I find my memory card and reader!



Real comms took 200lb teletypes, hand keys, sounders, operators and cranked phones!