We are running system galaxy
Currently we are having a problem with the system losing connection.
Our setup is this:
HQ1 site main controler for this building.
2 client workstations 1 views and can open, lock doors statewide. The other can admin, change fobs, etc. Both these pull data from server at another site.
Recently the system has been losing connection our HQ site. We can browse to the controller webpage and hit internet from the computers. We recently found a double feedline on the switch the galaxy board is connected to. However, last night it lost connection again.
Diodes have been added to the mag locks to help with the magnetic field. We have also had a issue where the building locks down and fobs will not open doors.
Most, resetting the board has cleared some of these. We have replaced the main controller board as well thinking that may have been a problem.
Firewalls are open on both ends.