I’m cleaning out my storage and need to make some room so I’m looking to make a couple of bucks on these systems I have pulled out of service.
All systems were pulled in use and do work, most of the time pulled due to upgrade or no more support from local vendors.
Please email or call me if you are interested.
Iwatsu Omega ADIX 2 Cabinet; Cards: EXPIFE1, 5x8SUBS3, EXP1FCM,
VMAC, 408, 16PSUB, DTI-p , EDV1F, CCU, PHONES: 11-IX-12KTD-2 12 BUTTON , 1-ix-DSS-A-2 50 BUTTON , 1-IX-12KTD-3 40 BUTTON, 4-IX-KTD-8 BUTTON ,

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