I am involved in a change of service provider on an Nec 2400IMS.
I installed an DAIC and DRU unit 5 years ago and for the most part it has worked great on a P2P T1. I recalled that the DRU unit would only support AMI/D4
signalling . In fact, I was so sure that I requested AMI/D4 from new company. Cutover nite came and got postponed. Since this hosp. is in a very remote area
I asked IT tech to go ahead and turn up the new T1
ckt. which was alledgely operational and ready.

Needless to say ,it did not work. Futhermore, IT tech said that Verizon T1 cards are set for B8zs.

I acknowledged that a mistake had been made and now ckt. has been changed to B8zs/ESF. Ckt. still
does not work.

Cutover is mid week and I am in need of a DAIC switch setting document as well as the DRU switch settings.
Any help is greatly appreciated!