I believe the system we have is an Onyx IV and we are trying to change the use of some of the CO trucks. They are currently assigned to go to our voice mail system when they ring and we want to change that so they just ring on various extensions until they are answered.

The problem I'm having is changing the programming in Trunks E-9, Direct Trunk Terminations section, page 2-159 of the software configuration manual. The trunks currently go to our voicemail at ext 438 and we want to take that number out so they go nowhere (except the ext. we will have them ring on). However, the system won't let us clear out this number- it requires that we put in some number. Any other random number we've tried seems to cause incoming calls to be forwarded to our attendant at ext. 300.

The instructions refer to Table 3 but our manual does not have a table 3 that I can find. Any help would be appreciated.