I looked but couldn't find a good post on the time slot subject in relation to the inter-tel axxess system. Can anyone give me the low down or point me to a resource that better explains this subject?

I have two Axxess 9.x, 6 cabinet systems (different locations) . My cabinets are about full and I'm looking to bump into cabinets 7 and 8. I really need more T1 interfaces. I've heard that you are limited to 128 time slots per cabinet. I've seen lots of posts regarding how many time slots different cards take and I'm pretty comfortable with that info.

The story that I've heard that I can't seem to find any documenation on is that there are 16 time slots per card slot. Is that true regardless of what release of software you're running?

I have T1 cards in my existing cabinets that are right next door to each other (slot1, slot2) and have had it that way for over 4 years without any issues. My other system at 2nd location has an open slot next to each of the T1 cards (to the right).

If the open slot is a requirement (so the T1 can use 8 of the time slots of that open spot), does that limit you to 3 T1 cards per cabinet? Can you put a T1 card in Slot 7 and use all 24 channels?

My understanding is that you could put a 8 port card like a SLC8 in the slot next to the T1 and that would be OK, but nothing that would use more than 8 time slots.

Can someone please spell out this whole time slot thing for me.