Changing the time in the voice mail is typically done by the system administrator..... most often station 100. Changing the time can be found in the Elite Mail System Manager's handbook:

From station 100, access voice mail,
the display should indicate softkey features... look for SYSMGR (you may have to press MORE first to see this).

Press the SYSMGR softkey, then press SCHED. The system should announce something like, "..the clock is set to ______, would you like to change it?". Press 1 for yes. Enter the new time.

Stop there. It will continue to ask about changing schedule ranges. You don't need to do this.

If your system automatically goes into a day/night mode without the use of a "night mode" button, then it is probably set up for Automatic Day/Night Mode switching. This is a feature that is programmed into your system by your technician. The user cannot make changes without knowledge of system programming.

"I didn't do it, and I won't do it again"